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Thrifted & Gifted Contest

Advanced style is running a really neat contest and the wInner is given a wad of cash and gets to go thriftIng
in NYCwith this fun lady. Wish I knew her...we would be best thrifting buddies for sure! :-) I LOVE her enthusiasm
and playful attitude...especially adore when she says," If it can't be worn inside out, backwards and upside down,
then it's not worth owning." 

Pink Makes Everything Better

I just spent the afternoon dyeing an old, ugly white bedspread pink. I'm feeling
a great need for pink right's a very soothing color to me and makes
everything feel all better inside, when I see and surround myself with it.

I also LOVE shades of earthy terra  cotta mixed in with pinks. The terra cotta has
a grounding effect and also feels really exotic and like the interior of a gypsy wagon.
This is my dream room above- a mix of earthtones, pinks and imported textiles.

Dreaming About Pretty Girly Vintage Dresses....

via KittenPawsVintage

via KittenPawsVintage

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via AstralBoutique

Happy Valentines Day :-)

Snow & Icicles
February2010 Blizzard

This is what the sidewalks look like around here. Pretty tricky to navigate.
At least they have the roads nice and clear though...thanks to all of the hard
work done by the volunteer snow plowers. Without them, the streets would
be a mess and look like the sidewalks.


Pretty Icicles hanging in front of our place. I LOVE Icicles :-)

When is winter going to be over???? We've had 70+ inches of snow this
winter and I'm really getting tired of it. All this week it's going to be in the
20s-30s and they say that more snow is on the way on Monday- Eek!!!

20 Inches Of White Fluffy Stuff
Front Door

It finally stopped snowing- 24 hours of it...20 inches total. This is the view out my
front door. The snow from this storm piled up on top of the 16 inches from the
last one and it's now up to our windows.

Too Much Snow :-(

My poor buried car!!!! I didn't even bother to try digging it out today. I'll have to do
the big dig tomorrow. :-( My neighbor was sweet and dusted off the top of the car
for least a little less work. Good thing I bought a new pair of snow boots
last month! I've been having a blast, walking all over the neighborhood in the snow.
Doesn't matter that the roads and sidewalks aren't plowed- I'm trailblazing :-)

Squirrely Is Still Coming To Visit

Mr Squirrelykins is doing well and good. He keeps on coming to visit, even in the snow.
I'm keeping him (and many of his friends) well fed this winter.

Juicy Couture Windows
Juicy Couture Window
Here are some more NYC pics...Juicy Couture had incredible, surreal circus
theme window displays. Wish I had brought my better camera to photograph

Juicy Couture Window

Love the twin lion headed hybrid people!

Juicy Couture Window

Pinecone Elves & Snowmen

Yesterday, we had our first snow, a light sugarcoated dusting of 2-3 inches.
Everything is lovely and sparkly, which makes me look forward to more snow,
winter and Christmas. I was all bah humbug, until those snowflakes started
falling. Now, I'm unpacking ornaments and decorations, setting up the tree with
Malachi and Conner and looking forward to baking and decorating sugar cookies.

Yesterday, I saw a Christmas special where they gave away the secret ingredient
for making royal icing from scratch. It actually made me excited and I ran out to the
store to get it. What is it? MERINGUE POWDER. In year's past, my cookie icing
failed miserably, with my Mom's recipe of powdered sugar + water. It was missing
the secret ingredient, which makes it creamy, fluffy and easy to decorate with.

I've been looking at Christmas decorations in stores and can't help but notice the
mega GLITTER BOMB all over everything. It's really pretty and sparkly...but can also
get overwhelming, when you're looking through all of it and kick up a huge glitter
cloud that makes your eyes and the back of your throat itch and your clothes, face,
hands and hair all sparkly. I guess it's a small price to pay for things that sparkle
and shine. ;-)

I saw some really wonderful glitter deer ornaments at The Dollar Tree- you get
2 for a dollar. I thought they would be pretty for decorating presents or stringing
on a pretty mantle garland or a wreath.

We watched Enchanted last night. It was really sweet, cute and silly. Now that I
am feeling better from using the SAD light, I'm able to enjoy movies like
that and not criticize them.


Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

The parade wasn't even in our plans. By a stroke of good luck, the parade
route had changed this year and would be passing right by the hotel where
we were staying. Nobody told me that though...

On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up early and since the rest of our group
wasn't awake yet, decided to go across the street, to get a Starbucks Latte.
While crossing the street, I noticed that there was a weird and very loud
hellicopter hovering sound above head. I looked down the street, to see what
was going on and saw a large group of people gathered. At first I
way that's the must be an accident or something, so I started walking
towards the people and pulled my camera out of my purse. That's when I saw
Spiderman and clicked this pic. :-)

Cute Turkey

How lucky and super cool is that? Having no idea that the parade was near
me, but happening to walk across the street, right when it was begining to
pass on by...and having my camera with me? Double Lucky!


Attack Of The Killer Pikachu

More parade pics are posted at my Flickr...just click on the photo links here.

Room & View Pics
Hotel Room

Here's our hotel room at Le Meridien. Love those shiny copper bedspreads! :-)

Hotel Room

I wish we had a setup for our flatscreen like this- it looks so clean and
modern. It even swivels from side to side. Not sure if we could even
buy something like this...probably would have to make it. Maybe Conner
will take it on as a spring project...? ;-)

City View

Pretty city view from the Penthouse top level. Took the pic from the pool room.

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